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Second issue of the new hit comic by Jamie Tyndall

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And away we go...
9 months ago – Tue, May 21, 2019 at 11:52:36 PM

Thanks everyone for your continued patience while we iron out the kinks.

In the past weeks since we completed the Kickstarter:

  • The books have gone to the printer (so yes they are complete).
  • We have hired a warehouse manager and brought him down from North Carolina.
  • The inventory from the St. Louis was sent to Orlando.
  • This had to be sorted and cataloged.
  • A new location for the full warehouse had to be located and leased (we move in officially June 1).
  • Backer Kit (the big one) required properly formatting (which we didn't do correctly our first go) and coordinated with new warehouse manager.
  • And so much minutiae it makes our heads spin.

Bottom line is, we've been working literally around the clock.  Many of us getting only a few hours sleep a night to put into place the mechanisms needed for quick and speedy deliveries.  And the good news is, we're almost there!

Backer Kits data is about 90% complete and will go through testing in the next couple days. We are pushing to get them out to you THIS WEEK.  As part of this, because we have a better grasp on inventory, we will be able to offer more options than we would have previously.

FOR INSTANCE - We spent a large portion of the day yesterday at CGC Headquarters in Sarasota.  For quite a large number of you, CGC and signatures are a big component of what you'd like in a Kickstarter.  When we announced we would not be doing signature CGCs we heard from MANY of you that you were very disappointed.  So, we set out to find a way to offer CGCs that would not disrupt or slow down the process.

After weeks of working with CGC, our new Warehouse manager and Backer Kit, we now have the solution!

We will offer CGCs for Issue #2, but we will do it in the following manner:

1) They will ship separately from the main order.  So your non-CGC items will ship out first.

2) The prices will require shipping to accommodate this separate shipment.

3) We will offer four tiers for each item.

  • No CGC (so what you have already.  These will NOT include signatures of any kind)
  • Yellow Label CGC (Signatures but without any guarantee of grade.  You get what you get.)
  • 9.6+ CGC (Signatures and a guarantee of 9.6 or greater)
  • 9.8+ CGC (Signatures and a guarantee of 9.8 or greater)

We feel by offering these on the options it is just one way to help satisfy your wishes.

Lastly, we will be doing some cool extra DIGITAL CONTENT for all of you to make up for the slight delay.

Silence doesn't mean we aren't working, it means we are working harder than ever.  You mean the world to us and we are rushing to deliver.  When you see the digital versions of the books this week, you'll see what we mean.  WE CAN'T WAIT FOR YOU TO READ THEM!!!

On the way!
10 months ago – Sat, May 04, 2019 at 10:29:51 PM

Hey guys, we type this from the floor of Dallas Fan Expo, but things are finally calming down a bit, and we just couldn’t wait to update you.  We realize that often radio silence can be deafening, but in reality we have been working 22 hour days around the clock making sure we not only get this book done in record time, but have a totally dedicated team to fulfill and ship as well.

The end results are the books are printed with many being packed from the printer and shipped right now!  Even the lenticulars are done:

Backer kits will be coming out.  There were a few technical things we had to work out as well as some logistics to make sure we can offer CGCs in a way that would not delay anything and be streamlined.   Also, we wanted to have everything in place so if you choose to add to your order, you could do so with the confidence that everything will be coming right away!

We are also going to include everyone in on some cool extras to once more thank you for being the best and most amazing fans!  We love you guys.

11 months ago – Fri, Apr 12, 2019 at 01:34:39 AM

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White Widow Update - IMPORTANT final day offers!
11 months ago – Mon, Mar 25, 2019 at 06:05:28 PM


We are making some last minute (upgrade) adjustments with just a little less than a day and a half left!  So please read this entire announcement CAREFULLY.  We are doing okay but I know we can do much better.  A lot of this delay we realize is because people were a BIT late in getting their rewards than we intended last time.  However, the artwork on this one is ALL in.  We go to press later this week on literally everything, and we have a whole new warehouse and fulfillment center that will be handling things to quickly handle this and all future sales.

Bottom line is -- we REALLY think we can reach at least $85k in these last day and a half... but of course we want you to get something out of helping us get there.  So here goes:


For REWARD TIERS 38 - 54 we are adding in some of the FEW REMAINING copies of White Widow #1 (First printing!) Emerald City Comic-Con Exclusive Covers!

This is a FIRST PRINTING of the 48 page version of the comic from the first kickstarter with artwork by JAMIE TYNDALL.  This is in addition to the bonus GENZOMAN covers to the upper tiers we explained here.  Quantities are EXTREMELY LIMITED so these will ONLY be available through the end of Kickstarter for those who selected those tier levels.  So if your base tier is different you may want to adjust.

Also remember that everyone who does $250 total (including through add ons and in Backer Kit) will receive the exclusive 11x17" Jamie Tyndall Metal Print!


So to make this REALLY worthwhile we are making the following adjustments

REWARD THIRTEEN -  $80,000 - Unlock the COMPLETE set of all 6 Coasters!

REWARD FOURTEEN - $85,000 - Unlock the COMPLETE set of all 10 Holo Foil Cards!

REWARD FIFTEEN - $90,000 - NEW Series by Jamie Tyndall and Benny Powell funded and includes an EXCLUSIVE DIGITAL PREVIEW BOOK once that is complete to EVERYONE!

REWARD SIXTEEN - $100,000 - Printed version of the new series' Preview Book Exclusive to ALL physically Shipping Reward Tiers!!!

This is highly possible.  The distance between these can be hit.  But it is entirely up to you guys.  Obviously $85k is the big target, but getting exclusive first looks at a new series that NOBODY ELSE WILL GET is kinda nice too, innit?


Currently there is only ONE person on this tier.  We set aside enough for 8 rewards.  One of THE BEST components of this tier are the ONE-OF-A-KIND press proof copies of each comic cover.  We divided them up thinking 8 people would receive into 3 random covers for each person.  Mind you... these are LITERALLY ONE OF A KIND books and come with certificates of authenticity!  But what we are going to do now instead is this...


That includes the added two new covers by Genzoman!  So if there's only ONE at this level, then only ONE person gets them all.  If it's two... then each will get half... and so on!

AND this level gets ALL of the other perks.  Just a handful of these perks frankly are worth more than the price.  So if you've been thinking about it, now is definitely the time.  Plus it helps us unlock even more tier rewards!!!



11 months ago – Wed, Mar 20, 2019 at 08:34:02 PM

As we near the end, we want to showcase a couple of items that are part of the offerings for this Kickstarter that may be a bit difficult to see given the small images.


The vinyl stickers are large and super awesome.  This was the test sticker we did for our first kickstarter as a push goal... Man this thing is amazing.  As you can see in the video it is big but it fits PERFECTLY on the back of my wife's iPad case (which she slapped it on within seconds of showing her).

For this Kickstarter we wanted to offer packages of these amazing bad boys.  At Conventions we will likely charge around $10 each but we wanted to give you all awesome set pricing:

These really are amazing, and at just $75 for all 20 (that's a $200 value) they're the perfect Add-on to any tier.


Not really a product by itself, one of the biggest features many of our books carry are HOLOGRAPHIC FOIL on their covers.  But the problem is, this is impossible to capture just how awesome they are in still images.

This video shows just a small sampling of some of the amazing foils from our first Kickstarter.  We have some awesome selections in this one as well... And as cool as they look in the video, they pale in comparison to how they look in person!  These foils truly need to be seen to be believed.

We're now sitting at 6 days, left.  I think we can pass our last Kickstarter with your help.  If we hit 100K mark, I guarantee for the push goals bonuses, we're going to throw in SO much it will make your heads spin.  But we need your help.  Now is the time to spread the word and get those pledges in!

Thanks as always for your support.  You guys truly rock.