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Second issue of the new hit comic by Jamie Tyndall

Latest Updates from Our Project:

New Push goals reached. Thank you for all your support.
3 months ago – Mon, Dec 09, 2019 at 04:12:54 PM

I wanted to send out a big thank you to everyone for all their support and encouragement over the years. I have now been in the industry for an amazing 8 years. People ask me what's the best part of the job. The drawing and creativity are a pretty big part of why I do it. But honestly the best part is meeting people that share my love for art and comics. The fans are the most important part of my job. Your encouragement is what drives me the most.  So I wanted to send out a big Thank you for all your support on my artbooks and the White Widow Comic book series.  

We have recently launched the new White Widow Artbook and my volume 8 artbook on Kickstarter. One this Kickstarter we are off to a great start and have now reached our second Push goal. We were funded in less then 24 hours. This is due to all your support. Thank you J

If you haven't gotten into this Kickstarter there is still time to reap all the rewards.  Click here to check it out. 

CGCs shipping, Holidays and MORE!
3 months ago – Sun, Dec 01, 2019 at 07:47:03 PM

Several things to go over quickly.

First... we picked up HALF of the CGCs from Sarasota on Tuesday and have begun sorting them to ship out.  CGC is saying they are rushing the second half and we are holding them to this.  We are pushing to get the remainder by this week.  But the bulk of you should be able to begin receiving your CGC shipments this week.

We would have gotten them out sooner, but we have been busy with the Holidays.  But even though the warehouse is down, we've still been working.  For example, during the holidays you may have seen emails about our BLACK FRIDAY and CYBER MONDAY deals!


In case you missed it, this is our biggest sale ever and it is still going on for those who are interested over at our store.   Thats 60% off everything excluding bundles (which are even bigger discounts!) such as CGCs, comics, books, prints, digitals and even VIP items now through the end of Cyber Monday!

And to mark the occasion, we introduced TWO NEW Holiday covers by GENZOMAN... with amazing Naughty and Nice variants.

NICE holiday exclusive variant cover by Genzoman!
NAUGHTY holiday limited edition cover by Genzoman

We also have special FOLIO sets that are limited editions with METALLIC INK numbered editions of both covers only thru those sets.

Further we created a special EXCLUSIVE Folio Bundle set that's numbered and includes 10 MATCH SET numbered 1-30 metallic ink covers ONLY available in this special bundle.

All this and... did I mention... 60% OFF NEARLY EVERYTHING? 

And last but certainly not least... for those who enjoy all things Jamie Tyndall Artbook related (and who among us doesn't) it's that time of year again... now with TWO ARTBOOKS ON KICKSTARTER!

All told this has been an INCREDIBLY busy time but in the spirit of giving thanks, we want to once again THANK you all for your continued support.  It means the world to us.  It drives us forward and makes us work extra hard to bring you the very best books and products we can.  You guys are awesome!

CGCs, Stickers and MORE update
4 months ago – Fri, Nov 08, 2019 at 09:39:21 PM

Fingers crossed... we heard from CGC that most of the books we dropped off for #2 are being graded now and they said on "first glance" they all appear to be 9.8+!!!  Which is awesome, and a big shout out to Jenna Powell for her amazing job pre-screening to get you all the very best.  We are still 1-2 weeks from them slabbing and us picking them up, but still that's good news and gives us a rough timeline to fulfill.  They told us they had over 36,000 comics over the convention season they have been grading, not including those that were directly mailed in!

A few of you were also waiting on the VINYL STICKERS and good news... they just arrived and they look AMAZING!!!!!!!!

These vinyl beauties are massive.  Note the pen included for scale!  They took awhile but hopefully you all agree that they were worth the wait!


We want to share with you a fun special sale we've got going on in our store today, Nov 8, 2019, that runs TODAY ONLY...  We're calling it FREE PRINT FRIDAY!

For every $40 in merchandise (in any category... comics, trades, artbooks, etc) you purchase, you will receive a FREE 11x17 ART PRINT of your choice!

No codes are necessary, simply add $40+ merchandise to your cart and add the print (or prints) you want for free.  You get 1 free for each multiple of $40 you select to purchase.


Hope you enjoy and we look forward to getting you all your goodies soon!

Special bonus cuz we love you
6 months ago – Mon, Sep 16, 2019 at 03:39:22 AM

As a special bonus you should receive tonight in your email a special access code granting you VIP access to our shopify store!

You've all been supporting us through this journey, so you ARE our VIPs after all.

We've added hundreds of items to the store and the VIP section is quite robust with a host of unique items that ONLY VIPs have access to!

MOST IMPORTANTLY among these exclusives is the ability to pre-order a limited quantity of the NEW YORK COMIC CON 2019 EXCLUSIVE COVERS!  Here they are:

And of course we have a special BUNDLE.  And boy do we mean special bundle.  We're offering a STOR-FOLIO with a MIKE KROME metallic ink cover that is a numbered edition limited to 50 exclusively for our VIPs at a special reduced price!  This will come with some surprise bonuses as well that increase the value even more.

So don't delete or skip over your email!  This one is important!

White widow issue 3 last day
6 months ago – Mon, Sep 02, 2019 at 01:43:09 PM

Last day to act on our isse 3 kickstarter for White Widow ” the deadly masquerade”

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