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Second issue of the new hit comic by Jamie Tyndall

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12 months ago – Sun, Mar 17, 2019 at 09:22:05 AM


We are going to include an EXCLUSIVE bonus reward to all the backers that have pledged over $250.00 for the ISSUE 2 kickstarter. We will be including this 11 x 17 Kickstarter Exclusive Metal print to all our backers that pledge $250.00 or more. This will also include all the backers that make additional pledges towards a total of 250.00 or more in BACKERKIT for additional items after the kickstarter campaign is over. 

We wouldn't be able to put out this book without the help of everyone on kickstarter. Once we hit 50,000 we will be announcing more Rewards for all tiers. 

ALSO.... We we will be revealing a NEW EXCLUSIVE COVER in the next couple days by a guest artist that has now joined the WHITE WIDOW team. 


Our Issue one kickstarters are almost all mailed out. We are in the last groups now and expect them to all be shipped out by the end of next week. The kickstarters with the CGC will take a little longer. We submitted over 400 books for CGC so these will take time. Once they come in we will send them out with all your great books. These kickstarters might come in more then one package. A tracking number will be emailed automatically to you so you can track your packages in transit. We will send out an update as soon as they are on the way.

 I wanted to send out a big thank you to all of you who have been patient with us getting all of these packages out. It is a monumental task. We have learned from it and will be setting up the next kickstarter in a distribution center. This will allow us to quickly get all the great rewards out to you our awesome backers quicker and on time. 

Thank you to all that have backed this project and my other kickstarters. Your generosity in funding these projects have given me the chance to bring more great art from other artists and myself to all of you. 


12 months ago – Thu, Mar 14, 2019 at 06:25:14 AM

Wow things have been hectic.  We've been working so hard we hadn't had a chance to reveal the $45k push goal!  Hopefully this is worth the wait.

So this is the companion piece to the first 18x10" poster and also by Jesse Wichmann!  We thought it would look very cool to have these side by side or even framed together!  So we're very glad we reached this point.

Also, to make up for the delay in revealing this.. we're going to go ahead and SHOW you what #7 PUSH GOAL will be:

That's right... it's another HOLOGRAPHIC TRADING CARD by Jamie Tyndall this time.  This is #2 in the set of up to 10.  So we're making headway.

As always, we really need your continued help.  Things have slowed down and part of that has been due to us working behind the scenes and not being able to spread the word.  So when each of you tell your friends, share on social networks or even post videos... it REALLY helps.

One thing we really appreciate are video reviews... Here's one example we saw of someone opening their Kickstarter #1 package:

If you do a video or comic review, be sure to email us at whitewidowcomic@gmail.com and we will be glad to link to it from our facebook as well!

12 months ago – Mon, Mar 11, 2019 at 10:50:22 PM

Things have slowed down a bit, but now that most of the shipping for Issue #1 is out and the remainder shipping this week -- things will pick up and we can begin getting more and more push goals unlocked. 

But the tier 5 push goal is a bit of a surprise.  Many of you have contacted us asking if we can develop a "Stor-Folio" for White Widow, and we've heard you.  There is, of course, some expense as well as risk to developing any new products... especially ones as costly as Folios.  So we decided to put the development into our PUSH GOAL rotation.  So now we've unlocked it, and can begin development on just that.

Mockup only - Actual art will vary greatly.
Mockup only - Actual art will vary greatly.

This is just a sample of what a WHITE WIDOW COMIC BOOK STOR-FOLIO might look like.  Stor-Folio is a drop back portfolio box. It is an unequaled transportable comic book storage device that can be shelved in a book case, or carried in your back pack to safely transport your comics to your favorite comic book convention.  This will be printed to feature White Widow comics.

Note - this Tier of Push Goal does not come with a free Folio, it is only paying for the development costs to make them available.  They will be available to purchase in Backer Kit at the end of this campaign, giving our backers first dibs on this amazing item.

ALSO - Since its been awhile and we want to keep the excitement going... We are giving a rare hint at the next PUSH GOAL #6.  We won't show you exactly what it is, but it will be a VERY SEXY White Widow poster.  So once more we're back to the free goodies!

Please continue to help us spread the word and keep the pledges coming in.  We really want to give you guys so much goodies and it is in your hands.  We thank you all for your continued support!

UNCUT SHEETS - Product Spotlight
12 months ago – Mon, Mar 11, 2019 at 10:48:55 PM

One of the things we want to do better this time around is showcase different products and give better examples as we have them to share so you can better make decisions.

First up are the UNCUT SHEETS (which begin being available with Reward Tiers 51+ (Full Set). 

Uncut sheets are the actual press pages of the book before they are assembled OR the same for the covers.  We offer (depending on the tier) either the entire book or the 3 lenticular covers!

We ONLY have 8 lenticular covers from Issue 1's lenticular because frankly we did not think of this in time.  So that's why the top tier is limited to 8. 

The print is 11x17 tho not edge-to-edge so would be gorgeous in a custom matte and frame.

The other two lenticulars would be the same process.

For INTERIOR pages they are rather large and come like this:

As you can see these are approximately 16 pages per sheet.  (8 pages each side) and would be amazing mounted.  They could also be cut to create two murals showing the side you enjoy the most.

Many of you collectors requested this, and we decided to experiment and offer them for your enjoyment and collections as a truly unique item this time around.

Just to be clear here are the collections reward tiers and what type of Uncuts are available in each:

51) FULL SET (Pledge US$1,000+) INCLUDES:

  • Uncut Lenticular Debalfo Cover
  • Limited (70 left of 75)


  • Uncut Lenticular Debalfo Cover
  • Uncut Lenticular Homage
  • Uncut Interior Pages Issue #2
  • Limited (50 left of 50)


  • Uncut Lenticular Debalfo Cover
  • Uncut Lenticular Homage
  • Uncut Interior Pages Issue #2
  • Limited (20 left of 20)


  • Uncut Lenticular Debalfo Cover
  • Uncut Lenticular Homage
  • Uncut Interior Pages Issue #2
  • Uncut Lenticular White Widow #1
  • Limited (7 left of 8)

12 months ago – Mon, Mar 11, 2019 at 10:46:41 PM

Man you guys are blowing through the stretch goals in record time.  Thank you so much.  We have SO much awesome goodies in store so we really hope you unlock them all. 

This time, an old familiar favorite returns... HOLO-FOIL TRADING CARDS!!!  But this time, there's a couple changes.  First, we are INCREASING the total designs possible up to ten.  That's 4 more cards than the last set!  Second, unlike last time, the card you see unlocked is the card that everyone will get.  But that means to unlock all 10 designs we have to hit those tiers.

First up, is an amazing piece by none other than Jonboy Meyers over a holographic purple foil:

Purple foil effect simulated
Purple foil effect simulated

Each card in the set will blow you guys away and we really hope to reach them all.  The last set was super stunning.  For those who haven't seen, here's a short video that illustrates just how amazing the first card set was:

We think the next set is just as awesome (maybe even better!) but as always, we need your help to unlock them.  So please continue to spread the word, link to us on your social media, and keep those pledges coming.  With your help we can absolutely make it.  Thanks as always!!!